All Tezos Snapshots for ghostnet

The full list of snapshots is also available as a metadata file:

Rolling Snapshots

Filename Date Size Octez version  
ghostnet-4769730.rolling 2023-12-09T11:36:33Z 1G v17.3 ⬇️
ghostnet-4746281.rolling 2023-12-07T05:22:32Z 1G v17.3 ⬇️
ghostnet-4723081.rolling 2023-12-04T23:11:00Z 1G v17.3 ⬇️
ghostnet-4699319.rolling 2023-12-02T16:26:44Z 1G v17.3 ⬇️

Rolling Tarballs

Filename Date Size Octez version  
tezos-ghostnet-rolling-tarball-4769730.lz4 2023-12-09T11:36:33Z 565M v17.3 ⬇️
tezos-ghostnet-rolling-tarball-4746281.lz4 2023-12-07T05:22:32Z 564M v17.3 ⬇️
tezos-ghostnet-rolling-tarball-4723081.lz4 2023-12-04T23:11:00Z 563M v17.3 ⬇️
tezos-ghostnet-rolling-tarball-4699319.lz4 2023-12-02T16:26:44Z 562M v17.3 ⬇️


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